Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Happy Ground Hog day, everyone!  Are you sitting at the edge of your seat waiting and wondering what the news will be from the rodents around the world?  Will Spring be early?  Will winter be another 6 weeks away?

Am I the only one in the world that thinks this is the most ridiculous tradition ever?

Punxsutawney Phi - perhaps the most famous rodent of all has popped his head out of his burrow this morning and proclaimed to all and sundry that we will have an early spring this year.

Nova Scotia's Shubenacadie Sam - fully concurs with Phil.

Ontario's Wiarton Willie - strongly disagrees and says they are both off their mound - winter will continue for yet another 6 weeks.

And poor sweet orphaned and rescued Winnipeg Willow dropped dead on Friday night - just days before her awaited prediction could be recorded for all time.

Manitoba Merv?  He croaked last year as well  - I believe.

So obviously here in Manitoba we don't have a reliable source of rodents - although I strongly believe I have the next famous predictor living in a burrow at the back of my garden, I can't seem to get anyone interested enough to come and claim it as the next predicting hero he or she could be.  How very sad for all Manitoba citizens!

The truth of the matter is that the occurrence of these rodents sticking their head out of their holes on February has nothing to do with seeing a shadow and making a grandiose prediction, but everything to do with finding a mate.  It's really all about Valentine's Day - not Spring at all!
In the past 30 years, Ground Hog predictions have only been correct 37% of the time.  That's not too good of an average.

Personally I am more apt to watch the birds.  They are a far better predictor of weather changes than some furry burrow-dwelling critter who has been asleep for months and is just now waking up from a long nap, taking a stretch, giving a scratch or two and peering out at a white world to see what's shaking!

However it is predicted, spring could be early or six weeks away.  Depending  on where you live - you might already know the answer to this question anyway.

Here in Manitoba, even though we are having a very mild winter - I think it might be safe to say we will still have winter until at least the end of March - which is for sure 6 weeks hence!

I am more than willing to let the Hogs off the Hook... but just in case I'll keep my eye out for McCreary Mitch this morning when I am outside with the dog!

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