Thursday, February 25, 2016


Where has this week gone?  I haven't been able to post much this week - I have been painting again and I bought even more paint again yesterday.!

Yes sirree...

The main floor is more than half done - and we have started in the family room downstairs, so there is painting going on all over the place at the moment.

I bought paint yesterday for the two spare bedrooms -  one on the main floor and one in the basement.  At the moment they are white - like every other room in this house was.  I am painting both rooms a deep yellow.  The one on the main floor will be accented with blues, and whites and the one downstairs will be accented with greens and other yellows.

Tomorrow we are going to Neepawa to order our island top.  While there, we will stop and see my Aunt who is still in the hospital, and I want to check out the thrift shop there (have not done that one yet) as well.  It will be a beautiful day for a drive, and hopefully we will be able to finally find the counter top we want for our island.

I have to tell you about Tuesday tho...

My cousin, his wife and their little granddaughter came for a visit on Tuesday afternoon.  Their little granddaughter is just turning 4 and is the most adorable - and smart little cutie that I have ever seen.

She wanted to see Auntie Dale's dolls so upstairs we went to the doll room and she didn't know what to do or where to look first.  She was very good - I half expected her to start touching everything but she didn't.

I had just moved my Litho Tin Dollhouse on to the floor last week, and she honed into that vintage toy like a bee to a flower.  I gave her a couple of my not- at -all -valuable Barbie-type dolls and some smaller little dolls, and she played with the house and furniture and dolls the way I believe a child might have played with that house in the 1950's.

We haven't had a small child around us since our own son was small, so this was a special treat for Gary and I.  When it came time for me to make supper I threw some clothes and some dolls in a basket and we headed down to the sun room.  There again - while the adults were occupied - she played.

After supper she wanted me to come and play Barbies with her, so I got down on the floor with her and we played dolls.  We dressed and undressed our Barbies, they had conversations, and all the while I was down there, I thought - "Wow - this is so great to be able to be on the floor and play dolls with this little human doll."

It was a fun afternoon and evening, and I hope she comes back to play again.  Maybe next time we will have a tea party with my china dishes from my own childhood.

Awe - can you imagine what fun that would be!

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