Thursday, February 11, 2016


As days go, yesterday was a good one.

I went for my doctor's visit and it was just as I said it would be, except for some reason the shot really hurt yesterday!  The walk there was really cold and pretty slippery.  We have had rain, and then cold, and then snow, so the footing was not the best but I managed to slide my way there and back and even made a detour on the way home to get the mail.

I had planned to sort through some of my totes of doll clothes and start to make piles of some that I want to sell.  Remember those boxes and boxes of clothes I bought a few years back from Vicki?  Well all those beautiful vintage dresses are clean and pressed, but they have been in storage totes all this time.  Time to unload some of them.

So I started the process.  I was upstairs after breakfast going through stuff and then I went down to have a cup of coffee with Gary.

He was on the ipad browsing the Internet on the Buy and Sell for our area.  Actually our little town has a buy and sell, and the content and prices are way better than anything I have ever seen in Winnipeg.

Anyway he spotted this for 50.00!  Remember the  kitchen island post from months back?

We called the fellow who informed us he and the item was at the Kelwood school - come on down!

Kelwood is less than 10 minutes away, so away we went. 

I will be the first to admit that I know very little of the history of the towns in this area.  We drive past Kelwood every time we go to Neepawa, and we always remark that we should go and check it out.  By the time we headed home in the late afternoon we had learned quite a bit about the town and the history of the area.

The school is on the main road as your drive into town, it is a large school (schools out here are because a lot of them are kindergarten through Grade 12).  We park, I sit in the car and Gary runs in.  We have no idea where in the school this fellow is - is he a teacher?  Will we find him?

Gary comes right back out and beckons me inside.

Well for one thing - although the school might used to hold children within it's walls, it is pretty clear upon entering that is no longer the case.  We later find out that the school has been closed for years, and the children are bused to other towns to attend school.

So what is the deal here?

A fellow shows us the cabinets we have come to see, and they are really nice, and very high quality.  Solid hardwood construction.... SOLD!

Then a lady comes up to us and asks if we want to look around?  We say - sure - and the fun begins.

Turns out this is a pickers dream come true.  Okay - so we are not pickers - but Holy Moly we sure do love to wander through places like this!

Every room is stacked to the ceiling with "stuff"... the gym is loaded - and then we meet the owner.

A fellow comes up to us, introduces himself, shakes our hands and proceeds to tell us that he bought the school.  He is originally from Florida, but has migrated north over the years and has landed in Kelwood.  He buys properties, renovates them and resells or rents them out.  He also fixes cars, and sells used cars and trucks.  He also buys huge Estates full of stuff and that is where most of the "stuff" comes from.  He bought the school with the intention of turning it into a automotive center - but due to the size of the town that idea didn't bear oil.

He takes us through the whole school and then opens the door to the Kindergarten room.  "Here's where I live, " he says as we walk into a huge open apartment - completely renovated and decorated.

We visited with him some more, then we load our cabinets and head home.

But - we are going back.  I spotted a small wheelbarrow, and a lot of things I can use in my gardens outside.  Gary found an exit sign for his movie room... (a school is full of them).  I am afraid to think what we may drag home from this "school" over time.

As learning experiences go - it was a good one!

And yes - we are going to have a kitchen island soon!

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  1. Dale, you do have nice adventures in your town. I've always wanted a kitchen island but we have a very small kitchen. It would be possible if I got rid of a hutch, but I still really like the hutch. That school sounds absolutely fascinating!