Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I have to go to the doctor today to get my B12 shot.  It is a 10 minute walk from my house to the hospital.  I go down my street to the Provincial Trunk Highway, turn right, walk a long block and I am out of town.  I cross the railroad tracks and then I am walking in the country.  I see wide open spaces mostly, but there is a pretty red barn, and a grain elevator, to catch my eye, should I be interested.

My doctor is the only doctor serving this town.  She works out of her clinic in the hospital building and she is wonderful!  She is friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and on time.  I can not tell you how refreshing she and her staff and her clinic are from the big city clinics that I have worked in and attended all my life.

True - she does not have the volume that the big cities do - but she still has the same medical complaints to deal with as the city doctors do - without every resource available at an arms reach!

My doctor wasn't always a country doctor.  She had a practice in Winnipeg for many years.  To hear her tell her story - she was happily living and working in Winnipeg, and then she fell in love with a farmer.

That's a pretty good reason to move your life to the country -and happy I am for her to love a farmer.  They are the best of the very best.

So I look forward to my doctor's visit.  I know she will be in a good mood - not stressed beyond her limitations, she will be on time, and she won't rush me back out the door the minute the needle is out of my arm.

She will ask how Gary is, she will talk about the weather, most likely we will talk about spring and our over anxious need to get out in the garden.

When she asks me if "there is anything else" she won't already be rising out of her chair and heading towards the door... and I won't have seen a sign any on any wall anywhere in the clinic about the 2 complaint rule - you know the one that says if you have over 2 medical complaints you have to book a new appointment.

So I must get ready...

Talk to you tomorrow!

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