Tuesday, February 9, 2016


I have been in kind of a flux, where my crafting and projects are concerned.  I don't seem to be in the mood to crochet, knit, stitch - even reading has seemed boring to me of late.

I still have several bags of very sad dolls from my pick at the hoarders house last fall, that I have been walking past all winter where they sit on the floor in the stairwell to my attic studio.

I actually kind of forgot all about them  - until last week when my cousin and her friend came up for a visit.  It was so nice to meet another of my readers in person that day, and we talked about the post where I described my experience with these rather sad dolls.

She wanted to see my collection so up we went to the doll/craft room.  On our way up, I reached in one of the bags and pulled out a very large 1960's fashion doll to show the general condition of the dolls I had found that day back in fall.

I put the doll on the step and forgot about her - until yesterday morning.  I was heading up to my computer, coffee cup in hand, and there she was - still where I had dropped her.  I picked her up and brought her along up to my work area.

She is so sad...to begin with she is filthy - her hair is falling out, she is missing 2 fingers on her right hand, and her dress - which may or may not be original is in shreds.


I'll bet she was stunning when she was new.  She has green eyes - that's not all that common in dolls - they are cloudy and dirty - but maybe I can bring them back.

I start to imagine her clean with peach-coloured skin, sparkling green eyes, shiny new blonde hair, a beautiful ball gown of shimmering silk, a wrap, a pair of sparkling beaded high-heel slippers and a purse - Oh, and a glorious big round hat with a plume!

Ahhhh.... she is gorgeous!

Ta-Da! I am not bored anymore.  Off comes the torn material some would call a dress, and down to the bathroom sink we go.  I can clean her up - maybe I can even re-root some new hair for her...

Do you think I can go so far as to make that outfit?

Wouldn't it be challenging to see if I can?

Remember, I am not the seamstress I wanna be!

Is that a DARE I hear?



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