Monday, August 12, 2013

Touring the World!

Every year for two weeks in August, our beautiful city hosts Folklorama.  If you have never been to Winnipeg this would be the time to visit us.

Folklorama is two weeks packed of touring the world - without ever leaving the city.  It is an experience like none other, and we are the only city in the world that celebrates the world's cultures in just this way.

This past weekend, our friends Bill and Deb drove up to Winnipeg from Fargo to experience Folklorama.  I had not been to Folklorama in years, and although Gary has lived here for many years, he had never been before.  We decided we would try and do three pavilions on Saturday night... so shortly before 5 pm we headed to the first one we wanted to see.  We chose the Greek Pavilion first.  It was held in a beautiful Greek Orthodox church.  The place was packed, the food was awesome (especially the Baklava) and the dancers were wonderful.  What a way to start and incredible evening.
We were allowed to go into the church and take some photos after the performance... Is this not beautiful... sorry the picture couldn't have been better -

The second stop was the Russian Pavilion.  All I could think of was the Russian dancers, but let me tell you there was so much more.  The music, the costumes, and yes the dancers were outstanding.  And the food - oh wow, my mouth waters just thinking about it.  Have you ever had real Russian Borscht?  So good - amazing.

And then were heading to the Korean Pavilion for our last stop of the night.

This was my favorite Pavilion of the night.  The Koreans are such beautiful, friendly and warm people... everyone bows and smiles, and you just feel so special - and that was even before the performances.  The entertainment for the evening was so wonderful.  They started with little children dancing -in traditional costume, I might add - OMG they were so beautiful.  Then came the Drum dance.

This was really something to see - this video was taken a couple of years ago at the Korean Pavilion and the same young woman performed this year as in this video - be prepared to be wowed!

Then a stage full of beautiful young women did the Fan Dance.  If you ever get the chance to see this dance you will never forget it.  It is breath-taking beautiful... as were the young women who performed it.

What a fun evening we had travelling with our friends.  We are already planning next years Folklorama event with our friends, in anticipation of seeing so much more of Winnipeg's cultural diversity, talented performers and enjoying the wonderful flavors of the world.

Thanks Bill and Deb - we had a great time!

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