Wednesday, August 21, 2013

And So It Goes!

The pile of dolls I found buried in a drawer has been on my mind - of course it has!  I did keep one out to work on ( the dark Bilo Baby) and returned the others to the drawer.

One in particular is bugging me.

This blonde one.

She reminds me of my 3rd grade school teacher Miss Crab.  Seriously that was her name, can you imagine what the school kids said about her at recess every day?  But she was very nice - not crabby at all, but that didn't stop the kids from being little nasty snots.  My 5th grade teacher's name was Miss Cross - I kid you not - poor woman put up with so much.  Bless them both for the job they did - it couldn't have been easy!

Back to Miss Crab - she looked like this doll - pretty in a delicate sort of way.  She was probably in her 30's when I think of it now - but at the time I'm sure we all thought she was "OLD".  She dressed old - but that was how maiden schoolteachers dressed in the early 60's.  She always wore a dark blue suit.  Always.  Navy blue skirt with a jacket to match - it had shiny buttons - brass or gold - I did take notice of those sort of things back then because my Mom was a seamstress and I spent a lot of time sorting buttons for her.  Those were the days when sewers didn't buy buttons - they harvested them from any piece of clothing that came their way.  Mom had huge boxes of buttons  - I still have some of her buttons - though I must admit, I rarely use them...

So now I am tempted to retrieve Miss Crab from the drawer and make her an outfit.  Miss Crab wore those heavy black leather old lady shoes that looked like a boot - you can't see it on this picture, but this doll has those type of  shoes painted on her feet... it was meant to be - don't you think?

Ok, ok - so now I am going to have 2 dolls out to work on!  I think I will crochet Miss Crab's navy suit from cotton thread.  

Hmmm.... all of a sudden I feel the urge to find my #7 steel!

And so it goes!

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