Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bite-Back Recipe

It may be hotter than hot right now, but fall and much cooler weather is just around the corner here in Manitoba.  In a few weeks we will be pulling out our gardens and cleaning up our flower beds for the winter.

Every year I set a lot of my houseplants outside for the summer.  They love it, and do so well outside for a few months that I would never think not to put them out... but bringing them back in in fall, is always a pain.

Usually they don't fit the spot they were previously in - and worse - they almost always have bugs living either in the soil or on the plants themselves.

I found a great recipe for getting rid of these miserable bugs before they spread to other plants in the house.

Here is the House and Garden Bite-Back Recipe for Plants.

You need a one gallon jug.

2 tablespoons dish soap (sunlight is the best)
1 tablespoon rubbing alcohol
a dash of Tabasco sauce
1 tablespoon of Canola oil
and enough water to fill the jug.

Pour mixture in a spray bottle and apply as needed.

I wash my plants with sunlight soap and water and then apply one treatment of the Bite-Back prior to bringing them inside, and then repeat the treatment inside until all signs of bugs are gone.  This recipe works wonders on aphids and fruit flies too, keep some on hand to use on any new plants you bring into your house - your plants will love you for it!

Happy Gardening!

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