Monday, August 19, 2013


Another week has come and gone.

This past week was the 7th Anniversary of my second surgery for breast cancer - my mastectomy... at times it seems so much longer than that, and then sometimes it really feels like yesterday.  I am thankful that I am still here to count these Anniversaries.

Last week was a gruelling week at work, and I only have 2 more Friday's off before I return to regular full-time hours, which means summer will be over.  I'm not liking that idea at all.  I have had 14 weeks of working a 4 day week and I have become very accustomed to having an extra day at home.  Not that I really accomplished much for having that extra day.  At the beginning of the summer I had promised myself all kinds of completed projects -but in actual fact I fell terribly short of the mark this summer.

Still I am not going to beat myself up about it - The Friday's off were after all my "Vacation" so I can actually say I did take vacation time in a weird sort of way.

If you visited Fiona's channel, you will have seen that she has set out a "Challenge" - and yes, I have entered it.  The challenge is to create a hanger from wire and make a plaque to hang from it.  So I registered for the challenge and got right down to creating and making it.  I finished the plaque part in no time basically because she had no restrictions as to what the plaque was to be.  Believe me - my plaque will be non-traditional as far as plaques, go - but I'm sure she will love it anyway... in fact I know she will.

The hanger - well that was the real challenge for me.  She said to use a 1.5 mm wire - such a thing I have yet to find anywhere here.  However I did try to use several gauges of wire - all were too thin.  Because time is an issue ( I have to get this in the mail if it is to reach the UK by the deadline) I decided to make my hanger out of a coat hanger... that wasn't easy either, as my wire cutters and pliers have gone for a walk... Oh Bother!

My end result is less than satisfying, and small.  Small mainly because of my non-traditional plaque, which also is small to keep the shipping costs to the UK to a minimum.  So this was indeed a CHALLENGE.

I haven't done a challenge in a long time - but this one was fun - wire woes and all.  Tonight I'll finish it up, wrap it up and hopefully in a day or two it will be in the mail to Fiona!

Then we'll wait and see the results!

Wish me luck!

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  1. Dale we are so glad you are here to celebrate all the moments. Your strength and your kindness are always what I see. Love from all of us.