Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Introducing Fiona!

I was going to work on the Monkey after work yesterday, but after pretty much a day from hell at work I didn't even have the energy to cut out a pair of overalls for Mr. Monkey, so instead I sat in my rocking chair and had a sleep, then I ate supper, then I returned to my rocking chair and spent pretty much the rest of my evening catching up with Fiona's video's on you-tube.

Who's Fiona?

She is an awesome crafter from the UK who as roughly 3000 videos (mostly tutorials) on how to make things.  I love her.  All you ever see is her hands which are never still - she is an amazing talented woman who gives generously of her talent and time to anyone who wants to spend a few moments and watch her video's.  She has an amazing Etsy shop as well where she sells her creations, her kits and things she picks up at her Cabot sales in the UK - wonderful stuff....

She does a lot of Shabby Chic, but she is also into Fairies, miniatures, well  just about everything.  Of late, I have been catching up on flower making... she makes beautiful fabric flowers for any occasion.  I thought I'd share one of her video's here with you today.

If you want to know how it's made - Fiona is your gal.

So without further ado -



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