Thursday, August 22, 2013

I found my MOJO!

I tell you it is very painful getting one's MoJo back.  Since last weekend I have been on rather a creative kick.  I'm happy about this, but it is starting to interfere with my daily life.

It all started with Fiona's challenge - Yeah - I'll blame Fiona!  LOL!

I thought I had that project done.  I DID have that project done - but I was not happy with the hanger portion of it - and when I am not happy with something I make, it won't let me rest.  For the past couple of days I have been thinking about this project and trying to come up with a reason why I hated the hanger, or a solution to fix it (even though it is already wrapped and ready to ship out).

So I unwrapped it, and set it on my work table where I could glance at it from time to time when I was working there.  Nothing came to mind - except that I still hated the hanger...

I worked on fairies for my Etsy shop all evening, had a wonderful time making them and by the end of the evening - still nothing came to me about the hanger.  So I made my lunch for work, fed and watered Chip, got ready for bed and then retired for the night.

And there I lay awake for 2 hours thinking about a stupid hanger!  Darn it all - I get up for work at 5:30 in the morning and I heard the clock gong midnight!

I was finally feeling like I could go to sleep - and the solution to fix the hanger came to me.  I was tempted to get out of bed and see if the solution would work, but I didn't.  I should have though, because it was another hour of thinking and imagining before I finally no longer heard the clock gong.

Fixing the hanger entailed possibly ruining the whole project, so I decided to get a second and third - maybe even a fourth opinion.  I took the project to work and showed it to a few people who all suggested I leave it alone.  Did they say that because they really liked it - or because they really like me... hmmm!

So I am leaving it alone - more because I am afraid of really wrecking it by taking it all apart...  It has been repackaged, and is going in the mail tomorrow morning.  Done -

And I promise I am moving on to a different subject!

But first I have some work bench cleaning to do...

And another thing - why is it that one works on a 3" square area of a work table that is 6 ft long and 3ft wide?  Anyone know the answer to that question?

Have a nice day - talk to you next week!

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