Thursday, August 8, 2013

This and That - And The Next Thing Too!

Here a few of the crazy-quilt patches I made over the last few days.  I love crazy quilt, and making these is sort of like eating popcorn - once you start, it's really hard to stop!

Back to the monkey:

I let the poor monkey lie around for a few days, all the while pondering how best to restore him.  I like him a whole lot better in his blue and white striped suit than the fur that I had removed.  I could almost picture him with a bright yellow pair of overalls... but the very worn material and the huge gaping hole in the arm really had me worried.

I considered trying to find material to make a new body, I even thought about new material for the head and arm, but I really just wanted him to stay the way he was originally made - so that meant fixing what was wrong.

First he needed to have his rubber or vinyl parts cleaned - so we had a spa day.  Good old plain soap and water and a little Magic Eraser worked wonders on his face - although there is still a marker mark on his chin.  No amount of scrubbing is taking that off - so he will have that scar to keep.

A bath for him, and a day spent hanging around the yard to dry.

The bad arm is off, and he's looking mighty clean!

Feeling pretty happy, all things considered... and a bit of fun with a photo shoot  as well:

Well that was fun!  But now the hard work begins... fixing what is broken and missing so he can be put back together...

Wish me luck!

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