Thursday, August 29, 2013

Introducing a New Story!

I am going to be sharing a new book with you - one that I haven't finished writing, but will write as I go, so to speak.  I thought I would do a little background to the story.

This is a departure from the familiar form of writing for me.  I am not sure what Genre this book will be, but I'm gonna write it anyway - because I have to!

By now you all know how much I love the doll Chatty Cathy!  I may have even alluded as to why I love her so much, but I'll refresh your memory anyway.

I was a young child when Chatty Cathy came to be.  I was the only girl in my family, with three older brothers, and a baby brother.  My mom was a housewife, and Dad worked in a factory.  My parents didn't have a lot of money and growing up that never really concerned me over much - until the Christmas that Chatty Cathy came out.

We had just gotten our first television the fall before that Christmas so I, along with every other little girl on our street had seen the Chatty Cathy commercial over and over again.  Seeing a doll who could actually talk was big - real big - and we all wanted one.

That Christmas when we went to Eaton's store to see Santa (this was the REAL Santa) I told him I wanted a Chatty Cathy doll.  But Christmas morning came and there was no doll.

Isn't it amazing how clear a  childhood recollection can be?  I remember running out to the living room Christmas morning, and there sitting under the tree were three of my rubber dolls, re-dressed.  One was dressed as a bride doll with a veil and everything and the other two were her bridesmaids.  In front of them were three doll suitcases (these were new and each case had a key attached to it).  I opened the suitcases and inside were more outfits for the three dolls - one case full for each.

But there was no Chatty Cathy anywhere to be seen.

My friends and cousins all got one - but I didn't.  I asked again the next year - and again I didn't get one.

And then I guess I forgot about it.

But I always loved Cathy - even if it was from afar - my fascination with her never went away...

About 4 years ago, I was telling my brother about this - actually he was complaining about the road-race set that he didn't get.  He mentioned my story to his wife, who informed him that she and her sister both had received Cathy one year for Christmas.

Several months later my sister-in-law's mother was selling her house to move in to a seniors apartment.  My brother was helping her clean out things and decided to climb up into the top of one of the spare bedroom closets.  He reached up and pulled down two dolls.  His mother -in-law was surprised to see them and told him the dolls were her daughter's Chatty Cathy dolls - and immediately my story replayed in his head.  He was so excited he called me that night but he really couldn't understand my fascination with such a "ugly doll".

My SIL's doll's hair had been cut (not evenly of course) and she was dressed in her original dress, but it was in rather sad shape.  A few weeks later my sister in law brought the doll to me and declared it mine!

Finally I got my first Chatty Cathy... 53 yrs later!

I love her, she will forever be special to me.  And since I got her, I have acquired three more Cathy's, a Chatty Baby, 2 tiny Chatty Babies and a Singing Cathy.  All are mute - but I don't care - I love them anyway.

Chatty Cathy is so loved by so many women my age.  I belong to several groups of Cathy lovers... who knew there were so many, like me who love this doll.

Well I know that now - and this new story is for the all the Cathy lovers everywhere.

I hope you enjoy the story...

It starts tomorrow....

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