Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Speedy Delivery!

Do you know how difficult it is to re-root a dolls head of hair?  I know, you don't really care, but I have to tell you - I spent a couple of hours these past few days watching YouTube videos, and really it is not something to consider doing unless you really want a good workout in frustration.

Even so - I went home after work, with the intention of at least attempting to remove my tiny Chatty's head.   To do this it has to be heated with a blow dryer to soften the plastic, because there is a neck flange inside that can break, if not done properly.  If the flange breaks - the head cannot be reattached.  So this was my intention... get the head off.

I got home, changed out of my work clothes into my sweats, was just heading into the craft room when I heard hubby say "Who is that guy walking out of our yard?"  Our doorbell is not working, but that makes no difference, as Molly always barks when someone or something comes into the yard.  She had not barked so we were surprised when we opened the front door and found a large flat parcel sitting on the steps.

I got terribly excited because a few weeks ago I had ordered a self-healing cutting mat set online from Joanne's Fabrics - and it was here!

I was like a kid at Christmas!  This was a Fiskar's set with a large cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter.  The whole set cost less (shipping included) than one ruler would have cost me here. 

So doll forgotten I switched to quilting mode - just like that!  Out came the table runners I had started to make for Christmas and I was back in business.

I took a break for supper then decided to finish a knitting project, also for Christmas.

So this is the way it will be from now till Christmas? 

Seems so...

Happy Crafting!

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