Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bake and Visit...

I got my Festive edition of Kraft foods, "What's cooking" in the mail yesterday.  I love this little magazine and look forward to receiving it every other month or so - but the Festive - or Holiday - dare I say "Christmas" edition is always a real treat (no pun there)!

As usual it is full of yummy meals and desserts and as online editions get more popular than paper - there are many many links to good recipes on the Kraft site.

I found many recipes I want to try, but for sure I wanted to tell you about the  big-batch Kris Kringle cookies.  The recipe makes 66 cookies - perfect kick-start to your holiday baking, if you do that sort of thing.

Do you still do a lot of baking for the holidays?  Remember the days when Christmas baking was started in November?  Does anyone do this anymore?

I think that was done because years ago people would visit around at 'Christmas".  Sundays were a visiting day and the holidays were also a special time for more visiting.  One had to have a lot of baking on hand to feed your guests.

Sadly we don't visit friends and family like we used to.  We have become, lazy, too busy, and too connected with the cyber world to actually get in the car and go and do weekly visiting.  I remember my parents always went to visit someone on a Sunday afternoon, and if they didn't it was because someone was visiting us.  It wasn't just them that went either - if they were visiting, then the rest of us were too.  It was a family effort, and no one was allowed to stay home for any reason.

One elderly couple that we visited a couple of times a month were living in a tiny little run down apartment in the inner city.  They were of French descent - he, right from France french, and she a French Canadian.  They had no children of their own, and my dad had known Mr Cousin for years as they had hunted together with my grandfather.  We would go and sit in the cramped little living room, the men would talk hunting (of course) and little Mrs. Cousin and my mom would talk about family.  Mrs. Cousin would want to know all about all our family, and then she would want to know all about what we kids were learning at school, and what activities we were doing.  About 9 pm she would get up and put the tea on.  We would all shuffle into the little kitchen and she would serve ham sandwiches - always ham sandwiches on store bought white bread. I think she made the sandwhiches early in the day, because the bread was always dry.  Mr. Cousin would pour some rye in his and my dad's tea and we would have a wee meal compete with Girl Guide cookies for dessert.

It is a cherished memory of my youth... and I wonder - will anyone have such a memory of a visit to my home years down the line?  I rather doubt it, because this was a regular and frequent visit, and we just don't do that anymore.

Maybe it's time to change that.... I'm going to start by making some of these cookies....

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