Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Baking or Decorating?

Have you been baking?  I intended to bake on the weekend, just like I said I would, but when I crawled up to my top shelf to get my cookie cookbook, I was appalled at the grease on the shelf.  So much so in fact, that right there and then I decided to wash down my whole kitchen instead of baking.

Everything came out of the cupboards, out came the soap and water and clean rags and I cleaned.  I have to tell you it took me 2 days to clean up the mess I made, but it was worth it.  Wow, my kitchen is sparkling clean now.

And we did get that snow storm too - not quite as much as they had predicted, but still enough to get people stuck in the alleys.  This was 11pm Saturday night - halfway through the storm.  It was snowing pretty heavily, but we really didn't get much blowing, which is a really good thing.

The snow really put me in the "Christmas mood."  I want to decorate, and bake and cook, and decorate, and decorate.  Did I mentions I really want to decorate?   LOL!

I decided it would be okay to start putting a few things up in the windows - you know bobbles and things... oh heck, somewhere along the way that thought went out the window too -  and here is what I ended up doing...

Piano window #1.

Now that was so much fun I just have to continue!  I guess the dolls are going to be my feature this year  How fun is that!

So at the moment we are dressing for our parts.
Here is a pretty Chatty Cathy all ready for the holidays.

Window #2 - here I come!

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