Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Prayerful Day!

My heart is so heavy this month.  You wouldn't know it by my seemingly upbeat posts about snow, dolls and Christmas  - but I have used those happier thoughts to cover the darker ones that lurk just below the surface of my psyche.

Life can be so cruel and painful.  We all know this, we all experience it at some time in our lives.  Pain is pain - whether it be physical, mental or emotional makes no difference - the result is mostly the same.

This month has been fraught with pain for so many that I love.  Friends and family alike are in pain this month, and so I ask you to help me pray for these who are suffering.

My cousin Elaine, is right at this moment being prepped for surgery for breast cancer.  I have been trying to walk her through this process because I can.  I hope I have helped her in some way... today, I pray for strength and healing for Elaine and for the surgeons who will be operating on her.  I shared this beautiful picture with her - it was a comfort to me going into surgery, and I know it will be to her as well.

Yesterday my friend Carol and her family laid her granddaughter's husband to rest.  He died suddenly leaving a young wife, and three small children behind.  I pray for Ashley and her children and all their family members who face a terrible struggle as they try to move forward from this day on.

My dearest friend, Sharon has just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  This after surviving double mastectomy for breast cancer.  Sharon just moved back to Winnipeg, her husband Al isn't even here yet, she started a new job a week ago, and they bought a new house.  Within a week - their whole life changed.  I pray for Sharon and Al as they face the many challenges they are going to have during the next weeks and months.  I pray for Sharon's safe return to good health, wherever she may choose to have her treatment.

My neighbour, Gordon who has been battling cancer for 5 years now, had a accident last week which has affected him greatly.  Gordon was told there will be nothing further done for him and his cancer this spring.  He and his wife have been dealing with their affairs remarkably well.  Gordon even began to look better, and feel better, and then he fell off a city bus while leaving the bus.  He has deteriorated considerably.  I pray for both my friends as they travel through this new area of gray.

Young Michelle, who was involved in that senseless car crash in September is still suffering.  After 2 months she remains in daily rehab for her injuries, and she continues to receive home care at home.  Michelle is in pain, and she is frustrated and she is struggling with so many issues related to her accident and beyond.  I pray for her healing, and her acceptance of her limitations at this time of her life. 

I have been feeling ill for a few months.  I have been dizzy, lightheaded, and have had a headache for well over a month.  My blood pressure is elevated, and so far none of the medication changes have worked.  Some days I feel like a stroke about to happen, some days I wish it just would already - you know - like get it over with and lets get on with it....

But I don't want to have a stroke, neither do I want to feel the way I do... so I pray for myself.  For patience, for healing and for understanding why so many around me are in pain.

If you are a person who prays - please add these special people to your prayers.

Thank you.