Thursday, September 30, 2010

Will you look at that!

A week ago I took my camera outside and took a bunch of photo's of the fall colors around my house.  We live in an older area of the city, most of the homes are well over a 100 yrs old, and thankfully, we still have many big old Elm trees around us. 

I love the Elms, mainly because the song birds love to sit high on the branches and sing their little hearts out, both early in the morning and again at dusk.  This time of year I love to look out  of my sun room window and see the beautiful golden leaves, but they don't usually last long.  I don't know if it's all Elm trees or just the ones in my neighbourhood, but I have noticed through the years, that the week the leaves change color, is usually the week they fall.  Needless to say, once again the same cycle has occurred.  Last week there was glorious color, and this morning all that color is on the ground and the trees are bare.

I have heard rumors that we are to have an early winter, if my Grandfather were still here, I'd ask him.  He watched nature - the trees and the birds and he could predict when winter would start and what kind of a winter we would have - and he was almost always right. 

I think the trees are saying winter is coming... but then we already know that.  Or maybe they are saying, get off your butt and get outside and do some exercise.  Rake!  That's probably how I should read it!

Whatever it is, it is beautiful and while the temperatures are still pleasant, I plan to be out enjoying it as much as I can.

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  1. Beautiful photos. Love looking at the trees when they change.

    I've heard the early winter thing as well . I know we are to have an early frost because the cicada arrived earlier this year and they say that you can count on frost 3 months from the time you heard the first one chirp or whatever it is cicada do!!