Friday, October 1, 2010

October is My Month!

Happy first day of October everyone! 

I love October - it is my month.  I was born in October, and I was married in October.  We celebrate Thanksgiving in October!  How much better could it be?

In addition to the most family birthdays of any month, October now has a new special meaning to me to add to the rest... October is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH.  How wonderful that they would designate a whole month to one cancer.  It just goes to show how hard some folks have been working over the years to stop this killer disease.  Thank you everyone who has brought this effort this far, and  thank you to those that continue to do so every day of the year!

This weekend is our annual CIBC RUN FOR THE CURE.  My oncologist, who is in his 60's runs in this event every year - for his breast cancer patients... How wonderful it is to have such a dedicated caring man, helping me survive this disease, and at the same time doing everything he can to support continued research to stop Breast Cancer.  God Bless You, Dr. Lezack!

Also this month retailers will be promoting "Pink" items.  You will see them everywhere... a portion of every sale of these items goes directly to Breast cancer Research - so shop "Pink", when you can, and know that you are helping support a worthy cause.

It's Friday, and a the weather is beautiful... I for one can't wait for the work day to be over so I can get outside and do some more yard work.  The leaves are down, and there is a lot of raking to do.

Have a great weekend, all... and Happy October!

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