Thursday, October 14, 2010

An awesome Day, for sure!

What an awesome day yesterday was!  33 miners were rescued to safety.  Did you watch it on TV or the Internet?   I couldn't seem to stop watching it for some reason.  For once, something very good came from something very bad... only 1 comment bothered me, coming from some unthinking stupid young reporter comparing it to a Reality Show on TV!!!  Someone needs to stick him down a mine for 69 days and then say that about his experience!!

It was also my birthday, and I was truly blessed with so many birthday greetings that I was almost embarrassed.  I realize that Face book prompts it's users about friend's birthdays, but that doesn't mean that those friends actually have to act on that prompt.  25 people wished me a Happy Birthday there yesterday, and I cannot begin to tell you what that meant to me... thank you all for your lovely comments and best wishes...

I spent some extra time with my adopted cat-kids as well yesterday.  They have been alone now since the end of September, and for 2 cats who are used to having their humans near all the time, they are doing very well. 

I have learned a great deal about cats these past 2 weeks, and I do believe they are really beginning to like me - either that or I really am only a meal ticket to them.  Whatever it is, they seem want to spend time with me.  So, after they have eaten I sit down and we play or talk and yesterday I sang for them... they liked my selection quite well...

So here are Katie and Sparky...  my cat - kids!

This is Hurricane Katie

And this is Splendid Sparky

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