Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Angels among us?

Day 2 of bus ridership went well this morning.  I can do this, I can do this, I can do this... told you I was a Princess!

I have been having a devil of a time finding ceramic angel heads and hands.  It has been very frustrating because my angels have become popular and sell very well.  When I first started making them I made them for Christmas... you know tree top or table top angels.  Then I made a breast cancer angel for a friend of mine, and then I got an idea to make memory angels.

These have really done well.  Upon request I will create an angel specifically in memory of someone or something.  For instance, my SIL's father passed away last year, and she wanted one in memory of her Dad, so I did a "Walter angel" for her.  The angel's colors reflected his love of blue, and she held a tiny photograph of Walter and his wife in her hand.  She also has a tiny little silver  W hanging from a necklace around her neck.

Another lady wanted one in memory of her beloved dog, so I made one holding a small Shepherd. 

It was all going fine, until I got to the end of my stash of heads.  I thought I could just go to Michael's and get some more... nadda!  When we were down in the states, I scoured the hobby and craft stores there, and found none.  Recently I saw some on Gale's wholesale site, so on the weekend I headed down there, only to be told, that they don't carry them any longer - but they did have cases and cases of Santa heads if I wanted them!

My next option was to order online from the US, but they wanted 30.00 to ship 5 heads from Ohio!  Can you imagine what a large order would have been?  We are talking little 3" heads.... 30.00!  I think not.

Yesterday in desperation I emailed a doll making site, I explained my dilemma, and sent her a picture of my angels.... I pretty much begged, and really didn't expect to get a response, but I did.  A wonderful lady by the name of Brenda emailed me back within the hour and said she had 2 in her store, and would order as many for me as I would need.  She was happy to help me. If you are ever in need of doll parts, please check out her site.

Thank You God of angel makers!!!! I'm in business again!  Or I will be when I get the heads! 

That solved the large head problem, but I also started making small angels - same problem here, no heads to be found.  After striking out at Gales, I made a quick stop at the dollar store for something, and decided to cruise down the Christmas section that was being put up.  There hanging on a peg were the ugliest little angles with beautiful ceramic heads and hands.... I grabbed a basket and started filling it.  When I went to cash out the gal there looked at me like I had lost my mind.  A basket full of poorly made ugly little angels, I could see her wondering what on earth I thought was so terrific about them that I'd want so many...

So now I'm happily crocheting angel dresses and so happy to be able to do it...

Doesn't take much to make me a happy Angel maker!

Have a great day, everyone!

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