Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday it is!

Happy Monday, Everyone!  Hope everyone had a enjoyable weekend.

It was another glorious fall weekend here in Manitoba.  Saturday was the perfect fall day.  The sun was shinning, there was little or no wind and the temps were warm.  All the leaves have left the big Elm trees so it was raking and bagging the boulevards, only to have the wind pick up on Sunday and blow the leaves from across the street back on the the very site we had cleaned!  So it will be start from scratch again this week.

We are house-sitting for our friends, and they have a yard full of leaves to be raked too, so we should have some nice muscles by the time this is all done.

Our friends have 2 cats that we are looking after as well.  Well, I should say, I am looking after, because Gary is allergic to cats.  I have to tell you, I know next to nothing about cats, but I am learning.  They are quite the pair.  Sparky is old, and very refined.  Katy is a hurricane.  You have to take Katy into the bathroom and feed her there, quick slip out the door while she is eating, go and feed Sparky in the kitchen as he is on a special diet.  I have barely put his food down and Katy is kicking up a ruckus in the bathroom... she wants out.  In the meantime, old Sparky, is taking his time, savoring every bite, and every once in awhile stops and looks at me and makes a comment, then slowly goes back to eating... it seems food time, is a social time to him.

By the time he is finally finished, Katy is in a lather, I open the bathroom door and she is airborne (almost). 

Then it's bath time... they both sit and clean their feet.  Now why do cats do that after they eat... they haven't used their paws for anything!!

I sit and visit with them for a few minutes, you know tell them about my day, and they tell me about theirs... especially Katy - she has lots to say, and then I'm out the door until suppertime, when I do it all over again.

Now that I have the routine down pat, I can actually enjoy my time spent with these two little felines... it's going to be fun looking after them for the next 3 weeks.

So on with Monday... hope it's a good one, wherever you are!

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