Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meet my Hope Baby!

I'd like to introduce my readers to a very special child in my life.  Meet Thomas.

Thomas is my hope baby. 

He was born when I had my mastectomy 4 yrs ago, and he was the main focus I clung to all through my recuperation. Thomas had a birthday on Sunday... Happy Birthday Thomas -  and I had yet another
anniversary of my Breast Cancer ordeal (Surgery #2).

Thomas is my great-nephew, and he is special to me.
  I love each and every one of my nieces and nephews and their children, but there is something about Thomas that touches my heart in a special way.  I can't describe to you how a child can change your outlook on life, but he happened to arrive at a time when I really needed something to believe in.  When I was at my lowest and ready to feel sorry for myself, along would come a new batch of pictures of Thomas, and his sweet chubby little face and his wonderful facial expressions, always gave me a lift, just when I so desperately needed it.

I have not yet even met this little guy, because his family live in British Columbia, but some day (soon I hope) I will meet him, and his brother and sister, and his two little cousins... until then I enjoy each and every picture of him and the other little ones that I have yet to meet.

Which brings me to the second part of this post.  Pictures.

My niece, Alanna (Thomas' Mom) is the photographer behind the Thomas pictures.  She is an amazing talent as you'll see if you check out her web site.  She does amazing Children's photography and Wedding Photography and lately has really blossomed into Scenery.  Some of my favorite work of hers is with animals... she has a gift with a camera that surpasses many.

She's a talented photographer, wonderful wife and Mom, and a Dental Hygienist.  Where she finds the time with three young children and two careers, I'll never know, but I do know this... I am very proud of her.

Take a few moments, and give yourself a beautiful treat...

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  1. Dale, what a wonderful post and such a beautiful little boy! I, too, cherish the nieces and nephews. There is only one I haven't met yet. She was born in August just before our Midwest tour. I've been home 4 weeks and have yet to get there to see her but I hope to do so soon. Til then, I have to satisfy myself with pics of she and her big brother that her parents post on FB every few days. Thank goodness for modern technology! Congrats on your personal anniversary, too, - Four years and sailing along!!