Thursday, September 23, 2010

What in the world is ENTRELAC?

Just in case you were not significantly challenged with yesterday's post on Moebius knitting, today I have yet another method of knitting called Entrelac for you to try.

Another of my Craft buddy friends has recently mastered this technique, and after watching the video, I must say I applause her determination - for this one seems very complicated to me.  She will be teaching this technique at her local Yarn Barn in October... WTG, Monica... wish I lived nearer to you, I'd be there.

Entrelac is a method of knitting that makes the finished product look like woven triangles.  Monica completed a beautiful baby quilt using this method, and I can only be in awe of the finished project.

So how is it done?  Here are some videos that explain the technique.  To tell the truth, I was lost very quickly but totally amazed at the speed in which this gal knits.  Wow - I always thought I was pretty fast, but I am poky in comparison...

Check this out...

The possibilities for this method of knitting are endless.

This is changing the topic a bit, but this past weekend I missed an opportunity to meet one of my readers in person.  Esther lives in the same province as I do, but we have never met.  She happened upon my blog when someone she knew mentioned I was writing about an Amish settlement in Manitoba.  Esther is a quilter, and has written a book about 3D quilting.  She had a book signing this past weekend at a Grand Opening of a local fabric shop here in Winnipeg.  I had intended to go to her event, mainly to be able to meet her, but also to check out her book and the new shop.  Regretfully, I was under the weather and couldn't make it.  Esther, I so wanted to meet you, and hear about your book.  I hope the signing was a huge success and I wish you much success.  Hopefully we will yet get a chance to meet each other one day soon.

Esther has a website, please take a moment to check out her work.

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