Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What in the world is MOEBIUS?

Before I write anything today, I would like to say how very sad I am to learn that one of my followers, Erin, lost her father yesterday.  Erin, please know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, and I know that my readers here will join me in extending you our heart-felt condolences.

I hope you enjoyed my little story yesterday... I must tell you we really enjoyed the soup.  I served it with a loaf of my home made white bread, and it was the perfect supper for a cool fall evening.  I have to tell you that apparently there is a little more to this story, however.  I let Molly in last evening, and who should be riding on her back but Mrs. Ladybug.... this gal really is desperate to get away, I'm thinking.  But being the responsible one I am, I flicked her back outside....

I want to talk about knitting today.  My Mom was a superb knitter.  She did all kinds of intricate stitches, and beautiful projects for her family and home.  I still have a knit afghan she made me when I was a teenager.  I had seen it in a magazine and loved it, so she ordered the pattern and made it for me.  I use it every winter, and so far it has withstood years and years of wear very well.  She also did many Buffalo Wool sweaters for all her children and grandchildren.  She would have loved this next segment.

Recently a friend of mine from a craft forum I belong to posted a picture of a Cowl she made using the Moebius technique.  I had never heard of this method of knitting so I visited the link she posted and watched the video.  Thank you Charlotte for your inspiration.  I so want to try this, and I will once my craft sale in December is over and done with.  Charlotte made her cowl  from wool she spun herself, which makes me totally green with envy, and the finished product is spectacular.

For those of you who knit, and would like to try this method of knitting, check out the videos and links below.  There are a couple of different ways to cast on for this method, as well as instructions for Icord, which is something I have done in crochet, but never in knit.  I for one cannot wait until I have some time to try this out.  So knitters, challenge yourself... this would make wonderful Christmas Gifts for the upcoming season.

Happy Knitting....

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