Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Busy? Or Foolish!

I apologize for not being on here daily like I was before.  I find myself being pulled in many directions these days, and often I am frustrated with the lack of "time" I have to do the things I have to do.

First there is the house... will it ever be properly cleaned again??  Sure I manage to do the surface stuff, you know, the bathrooms, dishes, laundry, half of the vacuuming, but seriously that doesn't seem to be near enough given that 3 people, a hair-shedding dog, and a feather shedding cockatiel all inhabit one small little house.

Then there is work - well truthfully we never really get caught up at work, even though lately we have been very close.

My pathetic weed infested garden - not my fault... to wet to weed!
Then there is the garden - which I usually do for relaxation.... Huh!!  This year it has been very relaxing - I just plain have never got in there to do it.  Every time I tried - it rained.  Should I be thankful?  Well at least I have an excuse.  But good grief - you should see it now... what a mess... it now will take quite a few days to right the wrongs of the summer season.

 Just getting started - this is 20 bears and a few other things - I need about 100 bears
Then there is the upcoming craft sale  - did I really need the extra stress of this endeavour?
Well I really thought I did.  It's been a few years since I did a sale, I missed the money!!  But it's not really the sale that has me stressed - it's the picture I have in my mind of my sale table - full, and I mean full of wonderful things for sale - things that keep getting added to the list of unmade articles - things I know I will never have enough time to make no matter how many sleepless nights I spend working.  I am my own worse enemy, after all!

Ah - then there is the other stuff... the things I really WANT to do, but feel I should not, because there is so much  I HAVE to do.  I want to knit a sweater (or two).  Work on my dolls and their new outfits.
Naked dolls everywhere!
  I want to play the piano for hours and hours; practice with Gary for our piano/organ duo Christmas concert.  Play with the dog; play with the bird.  Bake.  Write letters, write a book, write a blog....skype with Scott, visit friends on numerous sites I belong to, sew, quilt, clean up my itunes files - watch movies with my family, spend time with my family, read a book, listen to music - well this one I do anyway - nothing is gonna stop me from ending my day with my headphones and ipod... it's just what I do... for me.

Whew I'm tired!

And my point?

There is none, except that we make life too darn hectic for ourselves...

And why is that, exactly?

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  1. If you ever figure out the "why", please let me know. I often wonder the same thing!