Friday, September 24, 2010

We are gonna miss you...

I have been working full time since 1976.  Except for nine months off when I had my son, and 3 months off when I was treated for Breast Cancer, my career in the medical profession has been a large part of my life.  I started my career as a RN, and as things in my life changed so did my career options.  I have been fortunate to always have a job, and I have done many different things, but it has always been in the medical  profession.   I have been extremely blessed to have worked with wonderful people, no matter what my position.

The past 11 years I have worked at the hospital in a Women's Gyne clinic.  Except for male doctors and medical students, all my co-workers are female.  I work with nurses, clerks, secretaries, Physicians and aides, there are about 12 of us there everyday, and as amazing as it may sound... 12 women really can get along all the time.  Well maybe there is the odd time there will be a squabble or two, but we also seem to be able to rise above it and carry on.

One of my co-workers - a little nurse by the name of Caroline retires today.  Caroline has been a solid fixture in our unit for many years, and I do not say this lightly... the place will not be the same without her.

Caroline is one of those rare people that can spread herself so thin, that you have to wonder how she manages to do all she does.  She is our party planner, our cake baker, our event and celebration decorator, our drug order er, our shoulder to cry on, our source of immense entertainment when she has a story to share, our sale flyer provider, our friend, our Mom, our sister... and soon she is going to be a little baby boy's grandmother.

That is one of the reasons she has chosen to leave us.  Her first grandchild is about to be born, an event that Caroline has been dreaming about since before forever.  And she will be an amazing Grandma, just like she is an amazing everything else.

To say we will miss her, doesn't even come close.   I am sure that the end of this day will see a few tears, many many hugs, some long faces, some smiles, but everyone will be thinking... gosh... we are going to miss her!

Caroline, it's been an honour to know you, to work with you, and to call you friend.  Best wishes in your new career as a Grandmother, please stop by from time to time so we catch up...

I wrote a little poem for her retirement book ...

That's our Caroline

Five foot nothing bundle of joy,
That's our Caroline.
Saving lives one day at a time,
That's our Caroline.

Party planner, cake decorator,
That's our Caroline.
Treats and sweets and one point deals;
That's our Caroline.

Laughter, love, fun and hugs,
That's our Caroline.
Dedicated, loyal, proud and fine,
That's our Caroline.

Soon to be retired and gone,
That's our Caroline.
CPU's loss, her grandson's gain;
That's our Caroline.

Long from now, of her we'll speak,
And praise our Caroline.
We'll miss her sure, but first let's hear - 
Three cheers for Caroline!

Retirement date September 24, 2010.

Be happy dear friend; we love you!

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  1. Dale, that is the most beautiful tribute to Caroline! Thank you for putting into words what, I'm sure, all of us here at CPU are feeling about Caroline. You are a wonderful writer!!