Friday, September 17, 2010

Bargello Quilts

I spend much too much time on the internet looking for new things to try (like I need more projects) and everywhere I go I sign up for newsletters (then curse myself when my inbox if plugged full).  Recently I received a newsletter from some quilting site I belong to about Bargello Quilts.  Being new to the quilting scene, I had not heard of this technique - so off I went to good old Google.

Bargello comes up with lot of different things when typed in Google... firstly I learned that it is/was a needlework stich done on canvas where long stitches are used to fill the canvas, and when I happend to glance at the example - well don't you know - I used to do this type of needlework in the 70's.... Who knew?

But I was looking for Bargello Quilts... so back to Google, and Wow, oh Wow... you have to see this to believe it.  Beautiful scrap quilts done the Bargello way.... incredible!  Check this out....

Some helpful advice at:

And you have to see this...

Beautiful doesn't even seem enough....

Now I ask you - doesn't that make you want to quilt?

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