Monday, May 7, 2018


Do you think I have flipped my lid on this post?  Maybe - we'll see.  You be the judge.

I was a youth in the 60's - so I know all about the Hippie movement of the 60's.  The hippies of that era were a little older than I was - but I wasn't that much younger that I didn't understand what being a hippie was all about.

My Mother, bless her soul, didn't understand the hippie movement, nor did she tolerate it... to the point that if she she saw a young woman wearing a long dress, sandals, hair down to her behind with beads around her neck - she automatically assumed she was a hippie.

Fifty some years later there is new criteria to be a "Modern-Day Hippie",  -  I checked into it to see what it is all about -  here's what I learned?

1. You are a Modern Day Hippie if you are or have been a vegetarian.
Vegetarian, you say?  Are they still called that?  Then what is Vegan?   And NO, I have never been either, but the older I get, I am enjoying meat less and less, and I realize that I really could quite comfortably eat this way.  As long as I could have eggs, cheese, milk, AND vegetables - yes I could be vegetarian, most certainly!

2.  You are a Modern Day Hippie if you have avoided hitting an animal or stopped to help an injured animal.
What kind of looser would NOT avoid hitting an animal, or NOT help an injured animal?  What on earth does this have to do with being a Hippie?  I consider that being a decent human being, to be kind and loving to any and all creatures - large or small... Sheesh!

3.  You have a litter bug song!
I guess this must be very important for some reason unknown to me.  Sorry no, I don't have one - but I guess I could write one on the fly, if I had to.

4. You love Vintage!
Yeah!  Finally - Yes - that's me... I do love vintage!

5. You Volunteer, give back to your community!
Yup - I do.  I play the piano at the Personal Care Home... happy to do it, and happy to make other's happy with music, but people from all walks of life and every age volunteer - that makes them all Hippies? 

6.  You Conserve water when brushing your teeth!
OMG!  Really!  Turning off the tap and saving water ( and $ on your water bill) makes you a Hippie?  Okay, now I am really confused!  But yes - I do turn off the water while I brush, more because I pay the bills than because I am a Hippie!

7. You do Yoga!
Ah -NO - I don't do yoga.  I did try it once in nursing school - it was recommended as a way to relax before exams.  I twisted my back so badly, that I had to chew pain pills for a week - I guess it helped - I sure was relaxed...

8.  You Nix Parabens and Sulfates!
I  do, but this is getting easier and easier as less and less products have them...

9. You Choose Organic!
Isn't that pretty much the same as #8?  I grow my own vegetables, and I do not use chemicals of any kind, either to the soil, or to the plants, and certainly not to the produce... so yes - I choose organic!

10. You do not harm animals by supporting animal testing in any way!
What kind of animals are we talking about?  Mice?  What kind of testing are we talking about?  Cancer drugs?  Really this is way to broad a statement for any intelligent person to say yay or nay to... or so I believe...

11. You buy clothing for a cause!
Indeed I do - cause it's illegal to go around naked - and anyway I wouldn't force that torture on anyone ( seeing me in my all together).  Seriously - I do know what they refer to - and no, I have never ever bought clothing for a cause - I have looked in shops that sold items such as these - but none have ever been for someone my size - so sadly - no I do not support these shops.

12. You have Energy efficient appliances!
I hope this is over soon - don't know how much more of this I can take.  Yes - I did have all energy efficient appliances in my other house - but we sold them with the house - the home we now live in did not have energy efficient anything - we are replacing them as we can afford them, but like many people, we have to budget for such things.... is this a yes... or a no?  How about sort of Maybe?

13. You drive energy efficient cars!
Is there such a thing?  Who wrote this stuff anyway?  I can't afford a Hybrid, and they haven't invented solar-powered cars yet, have they?  However I do have a small SUV that is economical to drive - yes!

14. You Adopted your pet?
As opposed to what - stole them?  Yes, I adopted my pets - every one of them... and I looked after them and loved each and every one of them until they left me for the Rainbow bridge.  I did not abandon them, mistreat them, harm them in any way.... I thought we covered this one already!

15. You Grow your own, and compost!
Guess they didn't read my last post!

Oh - that's it.

So now if I have answered yes to 10 or more  - I am officially a Modern Day Hippie.

Here we go!  Watch for it!

1. no
2. yes
3. no
4. yes
5. yes
6. yes
7. no
8. yes
9. yes
10. yes
11. no
12. yes
13. yes
14. yes
15. yes

total: 11 yes!

I'm a Hippie!

Whoot Whoot!

Awe Mom - It doesn't mean anything - really it doesn't!

To be honest I think whomever wrote these 15 items is a little light on the load, if you know what I mean - and they certainly have no clue about real life.  Maybe I shouldn't say that - but there - I have.

But it was fun, was it not?

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