Sunday, January 1, 2017



My wish for this new year reflects all the disappointments of the last year.  I wish for PEACE AND ACCEPTANCE, in our world.  Images of Aleppo come to mind when I think of this wish.  We can all help make this world a better place, even if it is only starting in our own communities by being accepting of those not like ourselves, and bringing peace and comfort however we can to those who truly need it.  There are people living in our own communities who need this gift, just as much as the citizens of cities far beyond our scope of imagination.

I wish for Health for everyone.  This past year saw too many of my family, close friends and acquaintances who fell victim to cancer, depression, and other health challenges too many to mention here.  We all know the Health challenges that face us all these days.  We have to make Health and Healthy living a priority in our lives.  Little changes can make great differences in our Health and well being.

I wish for Happiness for everyone.  Happiness has become something that at times is so false.  Many pretend at happiness based on things like wealth, lifestyle, nice houses, nicer cars, vacations... as nice and wonderful as all these things are - none produce true happiness.  I believe happiness is produced by the things we do, not the things we have.   The cyber world we live in often dictates what should make us happy - many times creating even more unhappiness.  Happiness happens when we disconnect from the cyber world and social media for a time and spend time in "real time" life, with those we love, with those we can help, with those we can be ourselves with.  Disconnect a bit and build real relationships with the people around you... your family, your friends, your neighbours, your community.

Each New Year brings new opportunities to turn our lives a few degrees in a different direction.  Some struggle with change, but I believe some of the best things in life, come when you make a change.  So I also wish that those who are looking to make a positive change in some aspect of their life, have the courage and faith to do it.

Take an empty glass jar, a pad of paper and a pencil.  Set all items where they will be easily available.  At the end of every week, take a piece of paper and write what was best about that week.  Fold it up and put it in the jar and put the lid on.

Do this each week for the entire 2017 year!

One year from today, open that jar and read all the notes you have saved over 2017.  Won't it be grand to read all the good things that happened in your life all year - instead of focusing on all that went wrong.

That's my last wish for this New Year....

That we all focus more on the Good Things, and let the Bad things go...

Happy New Year Everyone  - Let's make it a good one together!

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