Sunday, January 15, 2017


My father passed away on Friday Jan 13th around supper time.  After a month of struggle and suffering his life journey came to an end peacefully.

Our journey with Dad came to an end as well, and now years and years of memories will be all we have to keep him alive in our hearts and minds.

I am preparing a memorial post on his life which I hope to share with you soon.  He had quite the journey in his 96 yrs of life and I hope I can capture his life in a way so you can know the man who was my father.

I rejoice that his suffering has ended and I rejoice that he is once again reunited with my Mother.  He almost made it for their 75th wedding anniversary, but I am sure she will forgive him for being a day late.

I will be busy going through pictures and stories of Dad's life while I write his tribute, but luckily I have some drafts ready so I can continue to offer you some new material while I am busy working on a Memorial post... so please don't go away....

I will be back very very soon.

Stay safe, everyone...

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