Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Have you ever wondered how and why things just seem to fall into place sometimes?

I was on Face book one evening during the holidays, and came across a post by my cousin, Colleen where she said that she was entertaining that evening and had made a German Bee Sting cake for dessert.  She had pictures of her beautifully decorated festive holiday table, and then one of the cake.

I had never heard of this cake before - I was intrigued  - it looked amazing.

There was some conversation about the cake on her page, she saying that it was the first time she had ever made it, and the rest of us dying to know what it would taste like.

The next day, she posted that it was amazing.

Poof  - out of mind it went.

Not three days letter I received an email from a lady I follow by the name of Oma Gerhild.

I subscribed to Oma's website and her emails years ago when I was writing my novel "Winter Wheat."  Oma is a German woman who shares everything German with her readers.  She takes you on tours though  all the German states, shares her knowledge of the varied cultures within Germany and shares recipes from each region.  Her German recipes are out of this world, if you are in to that sort of cooking - and I really am.

I was raised on German cuisine, not fancy stuff, just everyday German-style cooking.  When I was a kid, I even heard the dishes referred to with the correct German names.

This time, Oma's online tour was of the German state of Saxony - where apparently the coffee-loving and cake- loving Saxon's live!

She listed the favourite foods of Lower Saxony...

Leipziger Allerlei (Leipzig mixed vegetables)

Ochsenschwanz (oxtails)  Mom made oxtail soup... I never could get past the name...

Pfefferkuchen ... this one I know from Mom... ( gingerbread)

Schwemmklosschen... I know this one as well ...(dumplings)

Eirschecke (lemony cheesecake)

Bienenstich... ("Bee Sting"Cake)

Okay - that's just weird.... really?

Bee Sting Cake... like my cousin Colleen made?

I scrolled down until I found the link to the recipe and the picture of the cake...

It looked just like Colleen's cake!

I knew it was a sign that I needed to download this recipe and try it....

I have downloaded it, and I will make it - it's not the sort of cake one makes for just any dessert though - so I am going to wait until I have some special company to make it for.

Here is the Bee Sting cake --

and here is the link for Oma's recipe for this yummy looking confection..

If you are interested in some more recipes such as these, sign up for her newsletter.  I think you can get it from that link above.  She doesn't overload your inbox - you will only hear from her a few times a year - but when you do, it will be packed with really good things.

To sit at Oma's Kaffeeklatch table must be a very special thing indeed - especially if there is a warm Kirschenmichel waiting for you.

Talk about comfort food at it's best.  A bread pudding with cherries... you will find the recipe for this on her site as well... now this one I will make for everyday supper.

Happy Cooking Everyone!

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