Friday, January 6, 2017


Now that the New Year has started I am anxious to get started on some brand new projects  - as well as continue to work on some old ones that are hiding in totes and bags.

To that end, I really needed to get back up into my attic studio to get my Mojo back.  Remember I had a wasp problem in the fall and had moved the entire contents of my studio and office down to the basement?

Well I made Gary go up and crawl through the three crawl spaces in the attic looking for wasp nests.  He did, and there were none.  I really didn't like working in the basement, even though I had a nice room dedicated to work in - I just found I couldn't drag myself down there much to work.  So a week before Christmas I decided I would start to get my studio ready to move back in.

I got out the paint I had picked up at the recycle place for nothing - 4 gallon cans of mostly girl colours... and I started painting the nook first so I could move all the dolls into their own area.  It turned out Shabby Chic Cute... here are some of the dolls set up in the room.

Someday I will yank that ugly carpet out of there, but that can wait...

Then it was move on the main space.  I painted the south end wall (which used to be where my desk and office space were) pink like the doll room.  Now this is the sewing end of the studio.  The window faces south so the best light is here.

So this is my new sewing and quilting area.  

Moving down the space I decided to keep the space open by not having anything such as book shelves jutting into the room.  I tucked my desk and office area under the slopey roof, after I had painted this area with a soft mauve colour...

See how open it is now!

On the opposite wall behind me as I sit at my desk is my sitting/ reading/ daydreaming area...

Any my spinning area.

Here is the whole space... pretty much -  except for the North end wall which still has to be painted.

But I can show you the 
pretty view outside my north facing window...

I am so happy to be back up in my space where I feel so creative.  Already I have started some new projects... more about that next week.

It's almost the end of the first week of January.  Are you going to write your happiest moment of the week on a piece of paper and put it in your for jar for New Year's Day 2018?  I am - and although the week still has a day left - I already know what it's going to be about.

Have a lovely weekend everyone... see you next week!

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