Thursday, January 12, 2017


75 yrs ago today a young bride wrote this remembrance on a piece of lined paper torn from a notebook.

"The Wedding Day"
January 12, 1942

We were married at 1:30 in the afternoon on January 12th 1942 at the United Church of Noranda.  Rev Moffat conducted the sermon.  Mrs. Hill played the wedding march.  Mr. Wilton G Armour was the best man and Miss Gladys McKeen as the bridesmaid dressed in a pink chiffon gown and pink turban hat and carried a bouquet of pink and white carnations.

Mr George Fischer "brother of the groom", gave the bride away, who was dressed in a blue chiffon gown with a blue chaple veil and carried a bouquet of white morning glory's with pink roses, with a pink silk handkerchief which was borrowed from a friend Margaret Guertin.

After the wedding the party left for the "Star Studio" where they had their pictures taken, and then to the home of Mr and Mrs O Guertin on Taseurro St. in Rouyn where a small reception was held.  Mrs. Guertin baked the wedding cake.

The wedding broke up after the bride and groom left around 8 o'clock for their little home on Lake Shore Road, Apt 88, Room 8.

"Wedding Gifts"

First one was from Father, Mr Charlie Fischer  $50.00

Pyrex dishes set, from groom to bride.

"From George A Fischer" and Wilton G Armour" a end table.

"From Margaret Guertin " a bread box.

"From Margaret Kjaldgard"  Pie plates and pictures.

"From Maxine Kjalgard" Glass dish.

"From Clara and Agnes Hanke" Table cloth and napkins.

"From Metta and Walter Preston" Pyrex dish and measuring spoons.

"From Lily and Irene in Winnipeg" 2 bath towels.

"From Mother and Dad" a trunk.

"From Annie and Fred Single and family" clock and table cloth.

"From Tonn's" Towels and spread.

"From Art and Hilda" Clock.

Wedding Cards.

First one from Uncle and Auntie Stark.

George A Fischer; Wilton Garnet Armour; Margaret Jim Maxine Kjalgard; Clara and Agnes Hanke; Uncle and Auntie Lauber; Margaret Guertin; Single's; Tonn's; Art and Hilda; Olga Mantey.

                                                                            . .  .

One of the two clocks sits on my fireplace mantle and gets wound once a week.  It chimes the time on the half and full hour, and has for 75 yrs.

The table Cloth and Napkin set are neatly folded in the linen drawer of my buffet in the dining room.
You see, my Mother wrote this 75 yrs ago.  I transcribed this exactly as it was written.

She talked of this day many times in the years I had with her before her death.  It was one of her favourite and cherished days ever - in her words - "Aside from the days you children were born, it was my favourite day, ever."

The benefit of the passage of so many years, in this case 75 years - can be profound, indeed.  We get to see patterns of timing that we would never see otherwise.

Such as...

42 years and 2 months after writing this note about her wedding day, the bride passed away very suddenly, leaving her groom and five children numb to the bone... to this very day.

42 years and 10 months after she wrote this, her only daughter (myself) becomes the daughter-in-law, of the very last name mentioned on her wedding day note.  Olga being a casual acquaintance that the bride would not hear from or see in over 35 yrs after the writing of this note.

75 years later, her groom lies in a hospital bed living his last days before he can finally join his bride again.

75 years later the bride and groom's daughter writes a blog with her heart heavy for the passage of time and the imminent loss of her father.

And then the words are shown in the most unlikely source that have the most profound comfort and healing affect on the blogger  - 75 yrs to the day later.

"It takes
to listen with our whole heart
to the tick of God's timing,
rather than march to the
beat of our fears."

And suddenly - it all becomes so very clear!


  1. Hugs cousin, love reading your blog

  2. That is lovely, Dale. Good for you, being able to write about life going round, when you are facing losing your Father. I hope he goes peacefully. Nice also that you have a few things of your Mother's that are meaningful. The wedding gifts were very practical, too, which would have been appropriate in 1942. Jan. 12
    is meaningful to me because it was this day in 1922 that my late husband was born. I wonder if it was this cold in Roblin then.