Monday, January 23, 2017


So what do you do when you are tired of rifling through paper?

You do a puzzle!

When I was a young teen, I lived beside the most amazing neighbour.  Over the years this woman would become the friend a young woman could turn to when they needed a Mother to talk to.   She would become the woman my son called Grandma, even thought she wasn't really, and she would become someone I missed so dearly when she passed away at 103 yrs of life.

My friend loved to do jigsaw puzzles.  She always had one on the go on her special puzzle table, and she had what she called "a system" to solving jigsaw puzzles.

She rarely tacked a puzzle under 2000 pieces, most were much larger than that.   I don't know where she bought her puzzles, but she had hundreds of them stored in the rafters of her garage, some very old, and I am sure very rare, which she would rotate by the year!  

I spent many evenings when I was a young teen, sitting with this 60's -something -year- old woman, doing jigsaw's.  My goodness -  the conversations you can have while doing a puzzle!  And I fell in love with solving Jigsaw's.

When we were in Dauphin last week, I wandered into the "Bargain store" which is really a dollar-type store.  I always stroll through the toy isles of any store I am in, just to see what's new in the doll world mostly, and so I did that here, and then stopped at a huge shelf of jigsaw puzzles.  I debated with myself for maybe a minute... and then I bought one.

1000 pieces... small compared to some I have done, but big enough to keep me going for a couple of days casual piecing.

I took it out of the box on Thursday evening, and finished it yesterday after breakfast.  Not bad, considering I only spent a hour or two each day on it over the weekend.

But now it's back to work I go.  I am 2 squares behind on my solstice challenge, and I have a few more projects I want to try and complete in the next few weeks.

Oh, I wish I had a stash of really big puzzles like my friend Iris did - puzzling is so good for the brain!

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