Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I haven't really been in much of a mood to do any crafts or handwork since I completed the third block to my solstice quilt.  I have thought about doing some knitting, but don't know what to knit... I have really wanted to do some stitching, but that requires me going through my trays and trays of floss looking for colours - and I don't feel like that... I had thought to do some spinning, but then changed my mind..

So I turned to the book case in the living room...

I have been finding lots of good books in my two favourite places... the recycle place here in town where the books are free and a little shop in St. Rose where books are .10 !

I have been stockpiling books since summer, for just the state of mind and inactivity I now find myself experiencing.

Last week I picked up a couple of real old books in the recycle place.

This one was published in 1903.

This is a story of a privileged 13 yr old girl living in London England, who gets sent away to boarding school when her father takes a prestigious  position in a far away county for 5 years.  She is a spirited girl, but when she arrives at the boarding school it doesn't take long for her to become a victim of bullying from a group of students.

It is really interesting to read about bullying as it was in the early 1900's.  In reality, it has not changed much over the years at all.

The second book I picked up is this one.  The cover needs a bit of repair, and there is no date on the book anywhere.

I did a bit of research on the author and the book.  Here's what I found...

Effie Adelaide Rowlands, was a British Novelist who wrote more than 250 six-penny (dime) novels in her career.

This novel, Splendid Love was published in 1911 and is a novel about WW1.  I have only read two chapters so far, but already I am hooked.

There is a most interesting article at the back of the book.  I have copied it here so you can read it.  I am quite sure the copyright, if even there is one on this volume is long expired.  I looked this up as well and this is what I found.

Pelmanism is the system of scientifically training the mind invented by William Joseph Ennever. He is described in the "New Century Cyclopaedia of Names" Vol 2. as the "English journalist who originated the mnemonic training system known as Pelmanism."

Who would have thought that in 1911 this practice would have been popular!

Well this is just as interesting as I can get for one day... but seriously - both books are such rare finds, and to think I found them both right here my little rural town...

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  1. Interesting. Nice hard-cover books, almost trashed! But how can a book written in 1911 be about World War I, which took place 1914-18?