Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Yesterday we finally got our first snowfall - and it hasn't stopped yet.  The temperatures are very mild so it fluctuates between snow, freezing rain, and rain - so it is heavy and very wet.

All evening yesterday I had to fight the desire to go outside and start a snowman.  Now that the wet snow is piling up, I really want to go out there and build one.  We don't often get this sticky snow, ours is usually more dry so the opportunity is here for great snowman making.

I was even considering going across the road to my neighbours who have four little boys ages 2 to 7.  The two older boys would be great help, I am sure.

Would the neighbours think me odd to be out there building a snowman?  Maybe I should go after supper when it's dark... oh the temptations!

So where did another week go, I ask myself.  Last week wasn't the best week.  I broke my toe on Thursday and threw my back out on Friday.  The weekend was spent trying to straighten out and ease the lower back pain.  I have had this so many times before, you'd think I would be used to it by now, but I don't do down time well.

I did work on my plastic canvas snowman - and no - I have not finished it yet - but I am more than half way done.

I worked on two baby dolls that I was asked to fix for a young woman with two small girls.  These dolls were the woman's dolls, and she is very sick and wants to give them to her daughters.
Both dolls needed new bodies, so I have done that, now I want to make each doll a couple of outfits so the girls can play with them.  If I have time, I would also like to make each doll a quilt.  Everything needs to be finished by December 10th, so I am sticking to this project until it is done - it is a very special pay -it- forward kind of project from one Cancer survivor( me) to a young woman who is battling a very rare form of cancer.

I finished a couple of Christmas gifts that are being mailed out to the US so these are ready to go too - so I guess I did do more than I thought.

I need to finish my Christmas decorating - so far all I have done is put snowmen out.  Every snowman I have is in the kitchen - it is the snowman zone.  I have a lot of snowmen - but they are somewhat lost in that big kitchen.

This weekend I will put our tree up and one in the family room in the basement as well.  Maybe then I will feel more like getting down to some Christmas baking.

So that's been my week in a nutshell.  Hope everyone is keeping well and warm.  I should have some pretty snow pictures for you, next post - until then - be safe everyone!

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