Friday, November 18, 2016


Last weekend I delivered my Victorian Crochet ornaments to the Antique shop here in town.

This local business is owned by Louise Hoskins, who has been involved in antiques and collectibles for many years.

I met Louise in the spring, when she re-opened her shop in a down town location here in town.  Because her shop was right beside the library, I would often stop in and chat with her on my way to or from the library.

We got to know each other and I discovered that Louise and I have a lot in common.  We both love vintage, antiques, collectibles. We both love the same style of decorating, and we both treasure handmade and re purposed items.

Over the past few months, Louise has relocated her shop to a building on her property and has since re-opened there.  She has a lovely little spot filled with amazing finds.  It probably is not such a great place for me to spend time in, as I want it all  - but if I can curb my enthusiasm for every neat piece I come across, I find there is something for me there besides "things" after all.

Louise is having some health concerns, so I volunteered to give her a hand in the shop when and if she feels the need.  Today I am going to go down and help her decorate the shop for Christmas... I can't wait!

She has added me as an admin on her face book page, so I have been taking some pictures and doing some promotions on her page for Christmas gift giving.

Everywhere in that shop I see something that someone I know would love.

One of the things I fell in love with some time ago was a pretty little hutched cabinet.  I had my eye on if for quite awhile before I actually had the nerve to ask her how much it was.  Wednesday I bought it and brought it home, and I love how it fits into my big country kitchen.

I added a bit of Christmas to welcome it to it's new home, and now I have the urge to do some real decorating so maybe I will do some of that this weekend.

In the meantime, I have more mug rugs to complete, and 50 angels that I want to get done to give to the residents of the nursing home in time for Christmas just from me to them.

They are simple little angels that I will starch and add a hanger to, so they can hang them from their windows or on a tree if they have one in their rooms.  And if my ornaments at the shop sell well, I may have to make more of those as well - these are busy days indeed!

I want to leave you with a darling little Christmas video that was shared to me this morning.  This will make you smile - your Ahhhh  moment for the day.



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