Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Reading my title, may very well indeed fast forward your mind to a closet in your home.  I am pretty sure we all have one of these in our homes.  I can even think of a few for you.  I know a couple of people who's front hall closets would qualify, and I also know a couple of people who would not identify at all with my title.

I will set your minds at ease.  "The closet of shame" is a term that has been used by myself and many of my crafting friends over the years.  We have discussed this on our group sites, vowed to change, vowed to get rid of them, and yet, still they exist.

The closet of shame is the closet that contains a crafters unfinished projects... our UFO's!

In actual fact, I personally have never had one of these.  My UFO's are scattered all over... in drawers, on shelves - mainly because I have never been lucky enough to actually have a usable closet in my craft rooms over the years.  That would still hold true today - not a closet to be seen up in my attic work space.

But I do have plenty of UFO's!

Cross stitch pictures, quilts, afghans, small crochet projects, large crochet projects, knitting projects, dolls cut but not made, doll clothes cut by not made, card projects, repurposing projects, books started not finished, pictures taken not edited... on and on it could go.

I vowed that once I retired I would get to some of these and start knocking them off, one by one.

Yeah - right!

But I was looking for something the other day... in a real closet of shame... my closet in the spare bedroom.  This closet is the catch of all and everything close, in my house.  It has only one small door, but goes back a long way.  I have boxes still piled in there from when we moved, which are so hard to get to that they may well be there for a very long time.

I was looking for tissue paper to stuff around an angel I was taking to the antique shop to sell.  I was sure I had left a package or two close to the front by the door, but obviously they had somehow moved further back into the cavern of no return.  So I started removing things because I really needed that tissue paper.

Boxes some filled, some empty - you know you always need empty boxes - and then a whole lot of white plastic shopping bags filled with "things".

"Awe... that's where I put this!"  - I might have said this a few times!

I opened one of the bags and was surprised to find this.

I bought this kit about 25 yrs ago from Mary Maxim.  I am not into plastic canvas work really, but I did like this project.  I am distressed to say in 25 years this is as far as I have gotten on this.

Okay - so this really is The Closet of Shame, after all!

This project s staying out, and I am finishing it this week for my kitchen door!  Don't believe me?  You have no idea how stubborn I can be about these things!  It's getting done.  This time next week I will be showing you a picture of it hanging on that door in my kitchen - I swear it!

So.... What's in your Closet of Shame?

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  1. Oh Dale; this post is hilarious! Tee hee....I used to have a closet like that, but little by little I gave it all away. I figured if it wasn't finished after 5 years, out it went. I give at least 2 large bags of beautiful stuff to charity EACH MONTH. I can see light at the end of the tunnel. It's a giddy sort of feeling. Have fun with that project!