Friday, November 11, 2016


It's Remembrance Day, the day we are supposed to stop and remember those that went to war to fight for our country and the freedoms and liberties we all enjoy every day of our lives.

We celebrate the Veterans of the Great World Wars, and my generation thinks of them first because it was our Father's and Uncles who fought in these wars, but there are new generations of Military men and women who still are out there fighting for the same freedoms we think about when we remember our fallen soldiers today... we must never forget any of them.

Just yesterday I was reminded of this day as we sat visiting an elderly aunt.  Her husband, my Uncle Scott fought in WW2.  As I sat in her living room visiting yesterday a picture of him as a young man in full uniform faced me on the wall across from me.  I glanced at it many times during that visit, and I thought about this day, and all that we have because of his efforts.  Then when we went to the table to have coffee with my aunt, there on the wall beside where I sat was yet another reminder... his medals beautifully framed and displayed proudly, for all to see.

And yes - I had forgotten about these as well.

There is a story that surfaced this week on the news about a family from our little town of McCreary!  We don't get into the news very often, but this story truly is something to be proud about.  The former home of the family in this story is a 2 minute walk from my home.  As a newcomer to this community I would have missed this great piece of local history, had it not been for this day.

Read this amazing story about one family from this little village I so proudly call home.

Let's Never Forget these men and women who gave so much for our country - and for us all!


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