Friday, October 28, 2016


As weeks go, this one has been a busy one for me.

The beginning of the week I finished and mailed out another large order of mug rugs, this time destined for Alberta.

In the meantime, the local message board downtown had an add for a job in the local pharmacy/gift shop.  I really wasn't looking for a job, but there have been a few things come to mind lately that would be so much easier to think about if the pension money went a bit further, so I sent off an application, knowing full well that although I have had retail experience - having that experience 30 yrs ago or more, didn't necessarily qualify me for much these days.

Tuesday I was called in for and interview, and I think it went quite well.

I came home from the interview on Tuesday, sat down for a cup of tea, looked around my living room and thought - yeah - I can't live with this anymore - I needed to do some serious cleaning after spending most of my summer outdoors - it really needed it!

So I began two solid days of washing, scrubbing, moving furniture ( love that part - just ask anyone).
I decided to change my sun room into a dining room.  Now that we eat almost every meal at the kitchen island, or in some cases ( shamefaced) in front of the TV during the evening news... the table in the kitchen has become a catch all for everything.    The move turned out great, and it will be nice to eat special meals with family and friends in this very warm and inviting room.

 The living room is looking so much better as well.

In my spare time,  I convinced Gary to help me build a rather large bird feeder for our winter feathered friends.  I had no pattern, and just scrap wood from a shelf in the cold room that we demolished, so we spent one afternoon out in the garage, building.  We added shingles to the roof after I took the picture and now it is being painted, but I think for 2 extreme amateur builders we did okay.

I started starching some of my Victorian ornaments for the Antique shop, and have designed a really funky new rug mug, that I cannot show you yet, because the person who is receiving it reads my blog and I want it to be a total surprise.

And today its grocery shopping day, trip to the lumber store for a post for the feeder, and cleaning the library for noon opening.

What a great week it's been - just the way I like it - interesting and productive!

The very best part of my week however was last evening.  I spent an hour and a half on Skype with my niece Alanna and her son Thomas who are at Ronald McDonald House in Vancouver BC while Thomas undergoes treatment for Leukemia.  If ever I was grateful for our world of technology and progress it was last evening.  How fortunate we are to have such wonderful tools to be able to connect with our loved ones.
Thomas is doing well, but next week starts his most aggressive treatment schedule so far.  This next round of chemo will be continue until February and it will be intense and they will be hitting his little body hard.  But last night I saw a normal 10 yr old child.  Playing video games, running down to the central kitchen for cup cakes, and at times snuggling close to his Mom as she visited with me.  Our prayers for Thomas are being answered, but many more are needed to get him and his family through this journey safely. This will be their life for another two and a half years to come.  
 I can't express how very proud I am of both of them, and Alanna's other two children Brayden and Kaelyn as well.  They are what family is and should be all about.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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