Wednesday, October 26, 2016


 It seems "Write me an autograph" was a very well received post.  It scored high in readers, but even better than that I had one of the largest responses by my readers ever.  

It was enjoyed, and I even got some autographs.  I am glad that this post brought back pleasant memories for my readers... love when that happens.

Last night I was checking my emails before bedtime, and there was one from my nephew Scott, suggesting I try translating my Grandmothers German entry in my Mother's autograph book in Google translate.

So this morning as soon as I got up I headed down to the computer.

I don't think it is quite right yet, but this is what I have so far.

Here is Grandma's words in German:

libe Erna ( little Erna)  that I know for certain.

In allen deine Iaten las ich den Hichsten ruten der alles. kann und hoit er mus zu allen Dingen lolbs  anderen wohl gelingen dien selben geben Ratu. Iat

dein Mutter ( your Mother) 

Google translates it so:

Little Erna

In all thy actions I let the highest rods of all.  And may he give to the the other lolbs of others well to serve their mother.

Your Mother.

I feel like I am so close to finally learning what is said in this little verse.  Perhaps there is a reader who speaks German or understands it who could shed a little light on this.  Or perhaps there is someone who can use the translator better than I.  Maybe the words I copied that were written by Grandma were a slightly different dialect and someone here may know the correct word.

My thinking is the highest "rods "of all might be the highest God of all.  I believe Grandma would have written something along this line, as she was very faithful to her God and was a strong believer.

If you want to spend some time playing with this, I would be delighted for the help.  

In fact if someone can solve this puzzle , they will receive 2 mug rugs (style of their choice) as a gift from me.

There - the challenge is out...

and remember - 

When you get married and have two twins - don't come to me for safety pins!

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