Wednesday, October 19, 2016


It struck me after I wrote yesterday's post - that a lot of very young children today would have no idea what a teeter totter is, if asked.  Progress?  I don't believe so - as a child it was one of my favourite places to be on the swing set - except of course for hanging upside down on those side cross bars of the swing set... we did that for hours!

I forgot to mention that one actually has to turn off the Glenella Road to get to Waldersee.  You turn right at the Junction of PTH 261 and PTH 260 ( the Plumas Road).  The Waldersee church is not even a mile down the Plumas Road.

The Plumas Road pretty much starts at Waldersee and travels south to HWY 16.  You pass Plumas long before you actually reach HWY 16, however.

On this day of my little "journey"  I travelled the Plumas road for a few miles, but turned off about 5 miles before I actually reached the town of Plumas.

My destination was my the farm that was my Grandparents home place, before it was passed down to my Uncle - better known to me all my life as my Uncle Alfred's farm.

If ever there is a place that calls my heart - it is and always will be, this place.

So much of my early youth, my teen years, and even my adult years has been spent right here.

I have so many cherished memories of time spent here with my family.  My cousins were the most important people in my young life, and growing up together and spending time with each other here on their home farm, formed bonds that still hold strong today.

I remember building forts in the bushes surrounding the farm yard; sitting in the barn loft playing with kittens; hunting for pigeon eggs so we could hurl them down onto the pigs backs from the loft.  Doing chores; watching baby animals being born;  plucking chickens; pulling weeds; hauling water, chop and oats; gathering eggs.  Riding bicycles, and lying in the ditches eating spits and reading romance books.

And later - learning to drive tractors, farm trucks and cars; baling hay in square bales, moving cattle, and even shooting a gun.  Going to town Saturday nights to hang out with my cousins friends, attending country dances and socials, and snowmobiling through frozen snow covered fields until three in the morning.

This is the yard that was my second home growing up. It was younger then  - but then so was I.

My Grandfather built this barn, and as barns were meant to be - it was the heart of the farm yard.  When I was a kid the doors were seldom closed in summer, and at any given time there were always animals staying in the stalls inside.  

As you can see the sun was bright this day of my journey, and the camera and I had a wonderful afternoon shooting some very special images of this very special place.

Tomorrow - those special images.....

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