Thursday, October 27, 2016


Since I seem to be on a nostalgia kick these days, how about this picture that showed up on social media recently!

Takes me back to kindergarten and my first teacher ever, Miss Raferty!
She was the kindest soul, as I remember.  

But this picture - wow - I remember we each had our own little mat rolled up in our little coat cubicles at the end of the room.  She would turn out the lights - I think I  remember music - I'd be surprised if I wasn't singing along - and would spread out all over the floor and sleep.

Mine was in the era when girls dressed this way with skirts or dresses, and so yes - lying down panties showed.  This is exactly how it was.  

Some parents nowadays would have much to say about this and no doubt the the teacher and school system would have some explaining to do.

There was nothing wrong with this practise - just like there was nothing wrong with a lot of stuff that used to be done, but somehow our world and the new generation love to find fault with almost every innocent practise from the generations before them.  Not everything was bad, and I wish some people would quit suggesting it was!

How I got on to that rant from such a peaceful picture, I don't know.  But I do know kindergarten was special to me.  I met children in that classroom, who are still my friends today,  like my dear friend John S.  He married one of my best friends so we still see each other, and seeing this picture reminds me how very special that is.

Kindergarten in my generation was the special time when young children were first introduced to the world of learning.  It was exciting for children because it was something they had not done before.  We watched TV and played with our toys and our neighbourhood friends - learning was left for school.  
I hear so many young parents today say how bored their children are in kindergarten and it makes me sad.  Today's children enter school at what would have been a grade 3 level for my generation.  Is it better?   I am not an authority, but if you ask me - I'd say no.

We were little sponges, eager to learn, eager to please our teachers and our parents.  Nothing wrong with that.

These days are just a memory for me, but hopefully not for the young children of today.  We need to slow it down, and let children be children.  I hope that when they are my age they will have the same wonderful thoughts, feelings and memories of their early years.

I love how one picture can open up so many wonderful memories!

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  1. Dale, I do so agree with you! I LOVED Kindergarten. We didn't have a TV until 1970 when I was 10! If I was born in 2010 I wouldn't be allowed a computer or an iPad or a cell phone until I had graduated, as I know my parents couldn't have afforded any of those things. Let the parents entertain those bored children. LOL