Thursday, January 7, 2016


Am I the only person who is put out with the lack of manners in our society in general?  Manners are declining rapidly in every aspect of life, but this particular rant is directed at the very simple belief that when you are given a gift, no matter how big or how small, wether you like it or not - you say Thank you.

Is this such a terrible concept in these days in which we live?  I don't think so.  Whatever happened to teaching your baby Please and Thank You - and yes I say baby, because this basic manner is one that can be and should be taught to babies.  If you say it enough - they learn it - and they even understand the reason for it, eventually!

I guess you can't expect to teach Please and Thank You - when you can't even teach the basic NO!

This past Christmas Season, as in other years, I made a lot of hand-made gifts.  None were elaborate, or valuable, but all were something small from me to the recipient, just to say I was thinking about them, and that they meant something special to me.

In total this year, I made 24 hand-made gifts, ranging from a simple crochet snowflake ornament to hand-knit apparels.  I received 10 thank yous.  I didn't send them so that I could do a survey - it just so happened that this year - I took notice of such things.

What is happening to our society that we can't even perform the most basic of manners?  It is pathetic, and it is scary.  We already know that respect for each other has gone out the window - just look around you - read the papers, listen to the news - it's rampant!

I refuse to become an uncaring person.  I refuse to stop giving others a little piece of myself, because they mean something special to me... and I will continue to give - even without a Thank You - because I enjoy giving - especially at Christmas.

Perhaps people believe about me, what my youngest brother told me last fall - that I "manipulate, and try to win over friends by my actions".  Maybe people think that's why I sent a gift - because I am trying to win them over.

Over to what?

My answer is - I don't need to win anyone over.  I have many dozens of friends that value me for who I am... some of those have never received a gift from me - ever.

So next year, I might change the recipients on my list, for sure I am going to add to it -  I was going to do that anyway - but I am still going to give at Christmas!

by the way - THANK YOU for stopping by and reading my posts - I really do appreciate it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Here in Vancouver people say thank you a lot! We are very, very polite here. Everyone lines up for the buses at the bus loop. Sometimes the line is 30 people long! It's amazing to see. It's the only place I've seen this. So I'm glad I live here in Vancouver where people smoke pot (ha ha ... not me) and are very polite.