Monday, January 25, 2016


Happy Monday, and Happy 25th of January - one month past Christmas already - isn't that hard to believe?

It is a cloudy day here today, there are a few flakes falling once in awhile, and the temperatures are very very mild.  It is the kind of day I would like to spend walking with my camera - but the lack of sun makes photography not as appealing.

Not to worry, I will be outside many times throughout the day - I have to take books back to the library, and go to the post office - and then Molly will want several walks on a day like today, and I will be happy to oblige!

I am almost finished painting the living room.  Gary helped me with the big walls on Saturday, so now all I have left to do is the window wall, which is going to have to wait to be finished on Wednesday.

Today I have a sweater and hat order to get finished and a couple of my dress cards to finish.  This order is for a doll friend who is participating in a Valentine's Day Swap, so the sweater has hearts on it.  I also made a little Valentine's Day card to go with it -which I think turned out pretty cute, considering I just used little scraps of this and that to make it.

The sweater still needs 4 white buttons on it, and I have to
block it, and then the order will be ready to be shipped
by mid-week.

Tomorrow we are heading to Neepawa for a few hours.  It is a dog food run, a bit of shopping and visiting an aunt who is in hospital, kind of outing.  Hopefully the roads will be clear of snow and ice.  The highways have been so good this winter, but this warmer weather has a way of changing driving conditions pretty quickly.

So it is back to the work table for me -

Have a Great Day whatever you may be up to!


  1. Dale, the sweater and hat are so cute! I love them. I can knit a bit but have never tried a sweater. You are so ambitious.

  2. thanks Loretta, you will probably see it show up on Chatty Connection after Valentine's Day...