Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I remember now why one should wait until spring to paint - phew!  I know - there is odorless paint out there, but I am too cheap to buy it, and I am not sure I believe there is no odor at all.

I should have waited awhile for it to warm up enough to open a window a crack - but that's me - get an idea in my head, and I just have to do it.

So I have a fan running - silly to be paying to heat a home, and running a fan - but it seems to be dong the trick.

The colour I chose for the sun-room and living room is a taupe colour.  It is looking awesome, if I say so myself.  I have beautiful cove ceilings in this house which were painted white along with the walls, so you couldn't see the detail.  You sure can now - it is really really nice.  This is the sun room ceiling and cove - you can see the difference the colour is making to the look of the cove.

Do you like my colour?  It sure has tamed the bright sun room down already.  I can't wait to get my furniture and plants back in there and sit and look out the window at the birds feeding from the feeder in the plum tree.

The living room ceiling is very fancy, and there is actually a part of the ceiling that could be painted a contrast colour to make the cove and the ceiling even more grand - I am thinking about  painting the large smooth part between the textured ceiling and the actual cove itself - but I haven't decided as yet.

After a day spent painting, I haven't even finished the sun room yet.  Me thinks this project will run into the weekend for sure.

I put some hamburger soup in the crock pot to cook while I worked.  I wasn't overly impressed with the recipe I used which I found tucked in one of my cookbooks.  I thought it might have been the recipe I used before but I don't think it was - I remember that soup being especially tasty and good.

Anyone have a good hamburger soup recipe to share?

So today I am back to painting - my arm is swelling a bit, which always happens when I overuse it... will have to take it a bit slower today, so I don't end up having to sit an hour with my arm in a compression sleeve.  I rarely ever think about breast cancer and all that it entails anymore - until my arm acts up - then I am reminded that my limitations still exist, even if I tend to ignore them most of the time.

So I am going to slug down my coffee and get to work, hopefully I can finish the sun room and get a start in the living room today as well.

Oh - and the temperatures are warming up - it was gorgeous this morning when I had Molly out.  Gonna have to save some time today for a walk with my favourite pooch.

Enjoy your day, everyone!

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  1. Dale, painting is Hard Work. I am the one who paints all the rooms in our house. Hubby is completely hopeless at painting. When my Dad was younger, he helped me paint, and then once I learned how to paint properly, I did it all on my own. You are one brave woman. Now that I'm 55 I refuse to paint anymore. It really bothers my hand which has nerve damage. Your colour looks really nice. Odourless paint is heavenly. I always used it once it was available as I get migraines from smells. It's well worth the extra money and I always buy it on sale! Happy painting!