Friday, January 22, 2016


Yesterday sure was a lazy day.  True to my promise to myself, I did not do any painting - although I did start to clear stuff out of the living room so we will be ready to go as soon as my arm quits swelling.

Difficult to get a good picture when the sun is pouring in the window - but sure is nice to sit there and soak up the heat of the sun!  This is taken at 4:30 pm - most of the sun has moved away from this south window already, but it still is bright.
Finished Sun Room

 Here was my lazy Day!

I did sit in my newly decorated sun room on the love seat with my feet up on the ottoman and just watched the birds outside feeding at the bird feeder.  It was so relaxing I could have fallen asleep were it not for my indoor bird doing everything he could to get my attention.  There is nothing Chip likes better than a captive audience and I am the first to admit that I am his biggest fan.

I did a little stitching while I sat there.  I worked on a little stitched piece with the most appropriate saying for that room...

"Oh! For a book,
and a cozy nook,
And oh!
For a quiet hour"...

I made an old-fashioned bread pudding with lemon sauce for dessert, and then Gary and I went down to his theater room and watched a movie.

I have never watched a movie during the day - made me almost feel guilty to be doing so - but then I reminded myself that the rules of a working woman no longer apply to me - but I tell you - old habits or should I say stereo-types don't just go away in a blink of an eye.  It is another life learning curve to let go of all the  expectations that others have placed on you, and those that you have placed upon your self when you work out of the house every day for over 40 years.  It does take some getting used to, for sure!

We tried to watch the Martian and I really wanted to see Brooklyn, but we couldn't a good stream on either movie, so we ended up watching Suffragette.

It was a good movie -very intense and heart breaking at times, but true to that period of time in history.  It is an eye opener for men and women alike, and it made me very happy to have been born in the time period I was.

The best part of the day came around 5:55 pm - I was doing dishes and looked up and out the window over the sink - and I could still see light in the sky.  Two weeks ago the sky looked that way at 5:00 pm.  Progress towards spring!

What a great feeling to end a lovely relaxing day!

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  1. Dale, your sun room looks fantastic! I'm amazed at how quickly you work. It takes me much longer to get a room painted and put back together. The colour is very nice.