Monday, January 4, 2016


I bought a new lens for my camera, my Christmas gift to myself - well actually it's not new, it is gently used by a responsible owner who generously offered it to me for a price I couldn't turn away from.  So now I have some expanded capabilities with my camera which is going to be so much fun to play around with.

This lens is going to be wonderful for catching my wild feathered friends who don't really like it when I get too close.  Now I don't need to sneak up to them - I can catch them from a respectful distance - good for them, even better for me!

I have been playing with some photo editing programs, and if anything it has shown me what I really don't know about digital photography.  I don't know much, I am finding - but I am learning!

I have been practicing with some night photography.  My Manitoba Moose photo to the left is one I took of my neighbours big wire moose.  I love this guy - I am trying to figure out how I can get him to walk across the lane, hop the hedge and live in my yard!  Here is another shot I took of the moose several weeks ago while it was snowing.

Now that I have taken all the Christmas decorations down and put everything in the storage room, I decided to do a good clean upstairs in my attic studio.  I did a bit of rearranging tidied up the work area, vaccumed the floor and opened some storage totes that have been sitting in the corner since we moved here.

What I discovered was several totes of doll/ baby/ little girl clothes.  Remember those three or was it four huge boxes of clothes that I purchased from the doll lady some time ago?  What was I thinking?

Well my new project for the immediate future is going to be sorting these clothes, ironing them, taking photographs and selling them online.  This means re-opening my Etsy shop, which I have been meaning to do anyway, and also revamping my Erndales Facebook Page.  There are close to a hundred items  - all vintage -  that I am just storing with no intent on ever using them, so off they shall go.

That ought to keep me busy for the next few months!

But for the moment - I am off to watch my recorded episode of the first show of this last season of Downtown Abbey...

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