Monday, November 2, 2015


Can you believe it's November already?

In our neck of the woods November means one major thing... SNOW!  We have been under a weather advisory which is continuing through Wednesday for rain ( which we have now had for 3 days straight) turning to freezing rain or snow.  Accumulations - who knows!

Personally I don't think it is going to happen - but if it does - I am prepared!

Yesterday I starched 10 bears, so they need to be put together and embellished.  I have 4 to make for an order and a couple to make for gifts, and will have a few in pieces in case someone wants any before Christmas.

 I also dragged out several containers of broken or needing repair Christmas Tree ornaments that my Mom and I made in the 70's out of goose eggs.   Nothing major to fix, just beads falling off, angels falling out, hangers missing or damaged.  They need a few hours and some new glue and they will be good for another 30 yrs or so.

I haven't been able to source any more goose eggs and I really have a hankering to do some eggs, so I am blowing out chicken eggs and will make some small versions of these type of tree ornaments - and I'll do some baking with the contents of the eggs themselves... no waste there!

I have signed up for a Christmas Swap which has to be in the mail by December 5th, so I will have to decide what I am going to make and get busy on that as well.

So Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow! 

I have work to do!

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